Blackhawks: Apparently Brandon Saad is pretty good

Brandon Saad #20, Colorado Avalanche Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Brandon Saad #20, Colorado Avalanche Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports /

This Brandon Saad guy with the Colorado Avalanche seems to be pretty good at hockey, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise to fans of the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Chicago Blackhawks traded Brandon Saad to the Colorado Avalanche this past off-season for Nikita Zadorov. The trade involved a few other guys on each side but Zadorov for Saad was basically the package.

Zadorov and the Blackhawks are in the off-season now debating whether or not to extend the partnership between the two, while Saad is on a deep playoff run having scored five goals in five games with the Avalanche in the postseason.

Somehow the Chicago Blackhawks have lost yet another Brandon Saad trade.

I mean obviously, at the time of this third trade everyone knew this was a loss, but not to the point where Saad is having this good of a season now. The Blackhawks miss managed an asset in Brandon Saad and it is something that will probably haunt the team for a while. Obviously, I understand why the team traded him, they wanted to get a defenseman and move the contract before he can ask for more money and they lose all leverage.

But now the team basically gave away Saad for a defenseman that might not re-sign with the team. Brandon Saad is an interesting player in the history of the Chicago Blackhawks, not only is he a fan favorite but he is a player that helped the team win two Stanley Cups.

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But the fact that the team gave up so much to get him back on the team only to trade him away for very little will sting for a long time. I have no issue with the first Saad trade sending him to Columbus. I thought the team got a nice amount of assets and even a few good players in Anisimov. But now some five years later I wish the team stopped trading for Brandon Saad with that deal.