Blackhawks: The longest contracts on the roster moving forward

Riley Stillman #61, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Riley Stillman #61, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

Going into the offseason, the longest contract on the Chicago Blackhawks roster belonged to Riley Stillman. After the moves during the NHL draft and when free agency began, that has changed.

Having long contracts on your team is not a bad thing if the players are central to the team and competitive. None of the players on this list really are going to be posing a threat on a longer deal. I don’t mind the price or the term on these guys because I think they all can be great additions to the team.

The amazing thing is that three out of the four longest contracts in Chicago right now are from players that haven’t yet played a game with this team. Things are changing with this franchise, and over the next few seasons, fans will probably see even more change as they set up their team for future success.

So here is the list of players on the longest contracts with the Blackhawks:

Tyler Johnson – 3 years 5 million

Johnson was traded to Chicago this offseason to help the Lightning clear up some salary, but he still is a pretty good hockey player. For five million during the next three seasons, the Hawks are getting the services of a competitive two-time Stanley Cup Champion.

Yes maybe he will not be more than a third-line player with the team, but still, that is a pretty deep lineup the team will have with him on the third line. Plus when his deal is up the team will have more money to pay their big-name players that might have taken some bridge contracts like Dach and Kurashev.

Johnson’s contract will keep him in Chicago until the end of the 2023-24 season when he will be 34 years old.

Seth Jones – 1 year 5.4 million / 8 years 9.5 million

Seth Jones is going to be a Blackhawk for a long time. The 26-year-old was traded to the team before the NHL draft for a high price, but now he is locked in for the foreseeable future. Hopefully, this season will be the start of proving that Jones deserves 9.5 million a season. The team is paying him the big dollars for a long time, and they are going to need him to be that number one elite defenseman.

Jake McCabe – 4 years 4 million

Jake McCabe will be a fun player to watch this season. For a team that has been horrendous on defense for a while now, adding a player like Jake McCabe will help. He won’t score a lot of goals, but with a guy like Connor Murphy as his linemate, the two will make one of the best shut-down pairings in recent history for Chicago.

Riley Stillman – 3 years 1.35 million

Riley Stillman is the youngest player with the longest contract. He is only 23 years old, and this deal will take him to when he is 26. I hope that by the time this deal is up Stillman is asking for a big raise.

The way Tampa Bay uses a guy like Jan Rutta next to Victor Hedman, I hope Chicago can play Stillman with Jones. The team would have an elite defenseman with a bigger more hit first type of player in Stillman, and they would have the two locked in for at least three seasons. Stillman could and should play this entire contract out with Chicago.

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Chicago only has four contracts that go past at least three years. It will be interesting to see who signs an extension next with the team.