Blackhawks: Alex DeBrincat’s Keys To Success, Profile, And Expectations

Alex DeBrincat #12, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports
Alex DeBrincat #12, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Blackhawks season is under a month away and Alex DeBrincat is going to play a big role on the roster.

From scoring goals to setting up big plays on the power play, Alex DeBrincat has taken a big step forward after a down year in 2019-20. The Chicago Blackhawks are lucky to have such a prolific goal scorer on their roster, but he has become more than just that.

DeBrincat has been just as great away from the puck the past few years, and hopefully, that will not change in 2021-22. No matter who he plays with, this season is going to be fun to watch.

Stats From The Past:

Keys To Success:

1. The Power Play: DeBrincat is a special teams guy. Last year saw his power-play numbers go up again, and it also saw him taking time on the penalty kill. For the team to succeed they are going to need him to score goals in his office on the power play. He has become the team’s best one-time goal scorer from great setups from Kane and everyone else.

2. The Play Away From The Puck: DeBrincat has become a great all-around player over the course of his four years in the league. He had 31 takeaways and 70 hits last year and let’s hope that he can continue to do everything right away from the puck. There are super stars that are just offensively minded, players like Ovechkin and Kane would never be out on the penalty kill, but DeBrincat has made himself more than just a one-dimensional player, and let’s hope he stays that way.

3. Patrick KaneKane and DeBrincat definitely do need each other. The two together provided some great offensive plays last year and helped keep them in games. This season I hope that continues. If it was not for DeBrincat I think Kane might not be on this team anymore after getting tired with the direction of how things were going, but DeBrincat has given Kane a new top-tier linemate that was missing after the team traded Artemi Panarin. Hopefully, the two American-born players will each have impressive seasons and maybe one of them can crack the 40 goal mark again.

Bold Prediction:

My bold prediction for Alex DeBrincat has to be that he will be the second-highest goal scorer next year behind only Auston Matthews. DeBrincat proved towards the end of last season that he can score a lot of goals. He put up 32 in 2021 and was behind only McDavid (33) and Matthews (41).

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The season is under a month away, and that means we are even closer to watching DeBrincat score lots of goals yet again. How many goals will he finish with? Put your predictions in the comments.