Blackhawks: Seth Jones’s Keys To Success, Profile, And Expectations

Seth Jones #3, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)
Seth Jones #3, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks added their number one defenseman of the future in Seth Jones. Now let’s profile everything he brings to the team and what the team can expect from him.

Seth Jones will be a big step up from the defensemen the Blackhawks have had the past few seasons.

Jones was the guy on a bad team in Columbus last season, yet he never gave up. He was consistently their best player and never gave up no matter how bad things looked for the Blue Jackets. This year with the Blackhawks I hope he never gives up and continues to give 110 percent every time he is on the ice.

Let’s dive in with Jones’s stats from the past, keys to success, and expectations for the season.

Stats From The Past:

Three Keys To Success:

1. Play With His Linemates – When comparing things to last season with Columbus, this lineup is going to be a step up for Jones. He has help around him on the defensive side of things. Having guys like McCabe, Murphy, and de Haan around will definitely make things easier on Seth Jones, plus his brother is also on the team. More so than ever before I do not think Jones is going to have to play over half of a game for his team to win. He is the guy, but he also has help around him.

2. Continue to Put Pucks On Net – Jones had his highest shots on net percentage last season. Last year Jones attempted 256 shots and 141 of them got through to force the goalie to make a save. Having a defenseman that can shoot pucks from the point and make teams pay is something this team has not had in a long time. It was something that hurt the Hawks when they lost to the Predators in 2017.

3. Focus On Just The Next Shift – I do not think this really needs to be said as Jones is a professional athlete that has been in the NHL for a long time. However, there is something to be said about the pressure he is going to have this season. Jones is expected to be the number one guy on this team and has already been given a nice lengthy contract. Without playing a single game yet a lot have already crossed this situation off the list as one of the worst contracts ever for the team. It is up to him to prove everyone wrong, and that starts with focusing on just the next shift and not outside expectations.


I guess my bold prediction for Seth Jones is not going to be too bold. I think he will be the number one guy in Chicago and will do alright. This season probably won’t see him get the Norris Trophy but it definitely will be a step up from the defense the team has had in the past.

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In an ideal world, Jones is going to get his name back on the national stage and get the respect that the Blackhawks think he deserves after giving him that big lengthy contract. I think it still might take him another season or two to really hit his full potential with this team, but this season should still be fun to watch with Jones in Chicago.