Blackhawks: Kirby Dach should get an extension as soon as possible

Kirby Dach, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: David Berding-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Dach, Chicago Blackhawks Mandatory Credit: David Berding-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Blackhawks season is right around the corner and while that is great to see, that also means Kirby Dach is entering the final year of his rookie contract. The Blackhawks should get him re-signed as soon as possible.

The Blackhawks need to get Kirby Dach under contract as soon as possible.

This offseason fans around the league have watched the Montreal Canadiens lose one of their top prospects in Jesperi Kotkaniemi who signed an offer sheet with the Carolina Hurricanes. What were to happen if some team took a shot at the Blackhawks not being willing to pay Dach six or seven million next year and offered him a one-year deal to join their team?

The situation could become a reality as centers do not come along that often that can be a game-changer like Dach someday. This coming season will see Chicago in a sticky situation as they try and get a lot of different players under contract for Alex DeBrincat, Patrick Kane, and Jonathan Toews‘s final year with their current contracts.

Next year will be the big last dance for the Hawks with Toews and Kane on their current deals. While they probably will re-sign after the fact, next year is the last guarenteed year, and paying Dach a high value is not going to be a part of the equation.

The sooner the Blackhawks and Dach come to an agreement the better. Dach will probably have his best year in his entire career this season as it will be his full first year and now he is expected to take on a top-line role with DeBrincat and Kane on his wings. Chances are this is going to be a great season for the Hawks’ third overall pick from 2019.

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Getting him under contract as soon as possible will keep his dollar amount as low as possible and will allow the team to get it worked out with little complications. Chicago cannot lose Dach to an offer sheet next summer. How much do you think a fair amount for the Dach extension is going to be?

Nolan Patrick just got 1.2 for two years and he was a pretty high draft pick originally. Dach has not done a lot in the league so he won’t be asking for a lot of money, but I am sure he would prefer a short-term extension. My guess would be 1.5 million for two years or 1.7 for three. Hopefully, Chicago can get him under contract for as long as possible. Although a great season this year would totally change that number.