Chicago Blackhawks have parted ways with Stan Bowman, now what?

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Chicago Blackhawks
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How substantive will the changes be that Davidson, or whoever lands the role permanently be making?  Davidson may only be in the job for a short time. Then again, if Danny Wirtz isn’t in a rush to find a replacement, Davidson may see the 2021-22 season to its conclusion. If that’s the case, the composition of the roster could change somewhat drastically. Or not. We’ll have to see. Especially someone else is expected to take over next season.

Then again, it isn’t just the general manager that needs replacing, it’s the person in charge of every aspect of hockey for Chicago. Anything that doesn’t relate to business had been handled by Bowman. With him gone, that’s another vacancy to fill. Before Bowman was promoted to that position, there were quite a few names kicked around. That conversation will necessarily need to resume again. Where does that put Chicago?

Will Chicago hire a new President of Hockey Operations, and if so, who might that be? It’s possible Danny Wirtz decides to oversee hockey operations himself, and rely on his subordinates to run things. However, with Danny Wirtz’s lack of knowledge of the game, it might be better if he hires someone else to do that. Rumors are circulating on social media networks like Twitter that Eddie Olczyk is pursuing the position.

Eddie O. is certainly someone fans would rally behind, but is he the best choice? Does he get the minutiae of management? He’s done well as a player and a broadcaster, but running an entire professional team is a big thing. He’s certainly a competent professional, but this may be outside his area of expertise. Regardless, if it isn’t him, someone should take that role. The person that gets the job will, like the next GM, have a significant impact on the future of the franchise.