These Lineup Changes could Solve the Blackhawks’ Scoring Problem

Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images)
Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Derek Leung/Getty Images) /
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Alex DeBrincat #12, Chicago Blackhawks
Alex DeBrincat #12, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

Line 2: Henrik Borgstrom – Dylan Strome – Alex Debrincat

This line would be electrifying once Henrik Borgstrom finds his game. He was touted as an electrifying player who was called “The Artist” back in the University of Denver, who’s creativity and puck handling would result in a plethora of highlight reel plays. He has not done such things in the NHL (understandably so), but I feel like once he regains confidence in his skills, he would be a great addition to the top-six. Dylan Strome looks better than he did in the last couple of weeks with a few good scoring chances that were whiffed, and Alex Debrincat has been on a scoring streak as of late, something that this team could use.

This line possesses three potential high-risk threats for the opposition to defend if all three of them are playing to expectation. If this line has all three of these young guys going, this will be one of the most electrifying lines in the league. This line will ONLY be a threat and stay together if they play with confidence (playing with the pairing of Connor Murphy and Jake McCabe most likely).

Line 1: Dominik Kubalik – Jonathan Toews – Patrick Kane

The reasoning why I believe that this would make a good line is because both Kane and Dominik Kubalik have had multiple great chances to score, but could not finish. Jonathan Toews, also, doesn’t seem to be able to buy a goal as of late. All three of these guys would be able to run a cycle possession in the offensive zone following a faceoff win by Toews. You have three (maybe four with Seth Jones ) threats on the ice for offensive zone draws and if all of these guys can finally catch fire and produce offense, this team will skyrocket in the standings.


To conclude, it is not rocket science to find that the Blackhawks possess some serious firepower on their roster. It is not the lack of offensive skill or potential that is holding this team back,  but rather the fact that this team is still fragile mentally, still trying their best not to make mistakes other than to try and find their game. There is no shortage of offense on this team, every one of these top-nine guys can take off in a game.

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The Blackhawks have three threatening scoring lines here, and what they need to figure out is how to get going. This team is currently snake bit, it’s not the fact that they can’t create chances, it’s the lack of capitalizing on them. I feel like these lines will aid in the offensive woes and lead the Blackhawks to the postseason. Derek King and Marc Crawford could put the top-nine in the blender, but the fourth line has to remain the same. Allow guys who play the same way to play together, not force a skill guy to play with a grinder. That won’t lead to success.

The Blackhawks “welcome” the Blues to the United Center at 2:30 pm.