Why the Blackhawks should avoid a trade for this one player

Jake DeBrusk #74, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Jake DeBrusk #74, Chicago Blackhawks (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Blackhawks are going to be making some moves later in the year to direct their ship for the future. Whether that means saying goodbye to some fan favorites or trying to right past mistakes, this is going to be a busy couple of months.

There is one player the team should avoid trading for though, while this player has not been directly linked to the Blackhawks just yet he is still someone that has asked for a trade from his team.

If you cannot tell from the photo with the article or from the news recently I am talking about Jake DeBrusk of the Boston Bruins. DeBrusk wants out of Boston, and a trade from the Bruins is something the team seems to be actively exploring.

Immediately when I heard about DeBrusk I immediately thought about Dylan Strome. The two have salaries in similar ballparks at three million, and the two have not been getting in the lineup as much as they would like with their current teams. Both players are in need of a fresh start, but this is probably not going to be the way a trade like this happens.

The Blackhawks should avoid a Jake DeBrusk trade.

DeBrusk is not getting into the Bruins lineup and to take Strome and flip him for another struggling player probably wouldn’t be the right move right around now. DeBrusk did have a season where he put up 27 goals, but during that year his shooting percentage was well above his career average and the Hawks just are not in a position to swap salary issues and struggling players.

If the team is going to trade Dylan Strome they should do so for some draft picks and a prospect later in the year. DeBrusk might be able to bounce back on a new team, but the Hawks are not that team as they struggle to find their identity and struggle through a rebuild that was deemed over at the beginning of the season due to the additions this offseason.

Chicago does not have the pieces to make DeBrusk good. Adding him would be a good move for a team looking for that final piece on the third line, Chicago is not in a position like that and probably would be asked to give more to Boston than just Strome in a trade. Hopefully, Kyle Davidson’s first trade as general manager of the Blackhawks does not involve Jake DeBrusk and the team finds a way to add some assets for the future later in the year.

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