2 Mock Trades for Patrick Kane

Chicago Blackhawks v Florida Panthers
Chicago Blackhawks v Florida Panthers / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

As every day passes, it becomes more and more likely that the Blackhawks trade the face of the franchise, superstar forward Patrick Kane. Kane, 33, has spent his entire 1107 game career with the Blackhawks. In those games he has 430 goals and 750 assists for 1180 points, making him one of the best Hawks of all time. These stats, mixed with his overall legacy and impact as a player drive his value up extremely high. With one year left on his deal, the Blackhawks could likely add quite a few assets if they opt to trade Kane, and here are a couple deals that would make sense. 

Oilers Make Splash

Oilers Receive: Patrick Kane(50% Retained), 4th Round Pick

Blackhawks Receive: Tyson Barrie, Warren Foegele, Tyler Tullio, 1st Round Pick, 2nd Round Pick. 

The Oilers reportedly checked in on the availability of Kane, but were told there was no trade being made yet. If Edmonton decides to revisit, this deal makes sense for both teams. Barrie and Foegele make the money even, and could both be flipped for more draft capital, or be utilized as leadership players in the lineup. 

The Prospect/Picks involved could change and be interchangeable with anyone or anything in the Oilers system. I’m just using Tullio as an example of a guy who’s a year or so away from being ready to crack an NHL roster, and that’s someone the Blackhawks will target.

This trade benefits the Oilers if they decide to go all in for a Stanley Cup, as Kane has the Stanley Cup experience and championship DNA while still having incredible skill at his age, while the Blackhawks move him for future assets, and don’t lose him for nothing in free agency. 

Avalanche Load Up

Avalanche Receive: Patrick Kane(50% Retained) 

Blackhawks Receive: Bowen Byram, Alex Newhook, 3rd Round Pick

The Avalanche are another team that are likely to make a run for the Blackhawks superstar forward. They also have a better overall package to offer the Hawks, in Byram and Newhook who would likely be built around for the foreseeable future. I can see the Blackhawks asking for a higher pick or another depth player, but this is pretty close to what they’ll get. 

The Avalanche are looking to go back to back, and adding one of the most natural goal scorers in the NHL who has arguably the best hands in the league would only benefit guys like Makar, Mackinnon and Rantanen. 

It’s going to be very sad to see Kane leave the Blackhawks and join another team but he deserves a shot at another Stanley Cup, and unfortunately he’s not going to get it anytime soon with the Blackhawks. If I’m the GM, I’m pushing for the Avs deal here. Two young players that can be impact players immediately, I’m a fan.