3 centers the Chicago Blackhawks could target in free agency

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Max Domi

In last summer's free agency, many Blackhawks fans wondered if Max Domi was going to make a return to Chicago. After signing a one-year deal with the Blackhawks in the summer of 2022, Domi became a fan favorite and found his game after being reunited with Head Coach Luke Richardson.

Domi was traded to the Dallas Stars from Chicago before eventually signing in Toronto on a one-year deal, in the same city his father played in.

With the Maple Leafs, Domi saw a slight drop in production early on, but really started heating up when placed on Auston Matthews' wing. He finished the season with nine goals and 47 points and added nine points in seven playoff games.

Domi proved during his time in Chicago that he is a scorer. His 18 goals and 49 points through 60 games made many Hawks' fans want him to return. However, Domi brings much more to the table as a player. He plays a feisty game and is not afraid to get physical or even get into a fight, which is why he wins over fans.

He has a great relationship with Luke Richardson and is a leader in the locker room which adds to the culture of what the Blackhawks are trying to build. He is a heart and soul player, which could make him targeted by many teams in free agency.

The Blackhawks have the money to offer Domi an increase from his $3 million salary, and fans would welcome him back with open arms. If Domi reaches free agency, it could be a bidding war between teams to see who lands him.