3 needs the Chicago Blackhawks must address in the 2024 NHL Entry Draft

Size at forward with game-breaking ability would be nice along with a right-shot defenseman.
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Right-Shot Defensemen

The Blackhawks' prospect pool right now has no shortage of defensemen who look to be possible options at the NHL level. However, the majority of those defensemen are left-handed, with the only true right-handed shots being 2022 first-round pick Sam Rinzel and 2020 seventh-round pick Louis Crevier.

Prospects such as Ethan Del Mastro have proven to be able to play the right side despite being left-handed, but there is still a need for a true right-shot defender.

With defensemen such as Kevin Korchinski and Alex Vlasic playing in the NHL this season, the future defense core is beginning to take shape, though it is still in the early stages. This upcoming draft will have a plethora of blue-liners with NHL potential that the Blackhawks could add as a potential mainstay in their future top two pairs.

Artyom Levshunov will most likely be the first defenseman taken off the board at the draft this June and for a very good reason. The six-foot, two-inch defender has been fantastic for Michigan State (NCAA) as a freshman and continues to improve his defensive game as he becomes a two-way threat on the ice. Other options for this draft include Carter Yakemchuk (WHL), Zayne Parekh (OHL), and Adam Jiricek (Czechia).