3 Reasons To Watch for the Rest of the Season for the Chicago Blackhawks

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports
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This season is lost for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Injuries have ravaged this team and left it in last place in the Central Division. This season was not going to end with a playoff appearance, but the hope was to avoid having to monitor Tankathon.com every day to see what the team's NHL Draft Lottery odds were.

At this point, you might be better served trying to find out how to watch Boston University games and a chance to catch Macklin Celebrini. He is the prize for the team who wins the draft lottery, and the hope is the Blackhawks win it again.

Seriously, why continue to watch this team since a majority of the forward group is on injured reserve? Well, there are three reasons to tune in every night for the rest of the season.

Connor Bedard's march to win the Calder Trophy.

He has been everything and then some when it comes to living up to the hype. The phenom is must-see television. Even if you are not a Hawks fan, you should tune into a game to see what Connor will do next.

Last season the only reason to watch was to witness the Patrick Kane/Jonathan Toews farewell tour. There was a little bit of glum in doing that.

This season has excitement because of Bedard, even if the Hawks' chances of winning are not so great. He should be a shoo-in to win the Calder Trophy. Tune in to see how he gets there and how many points he finishes with.