3 takeaways from the Chicago Blackhawks having the Kraken released on them

The Chicago Blackhawks got blown out in Seattle. Here are three takeaways from that late-night beating.
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Richardson is trying everything to get Lukas Reichel going.

The Blackhawks desperately need offense from someone other than Connor Bedard. Forgotten top prospect Lukas Reichel was supposed to provide that. He has played like a hot-shot prospect everyone has forgotten about since Bedard's arrival.

Richardson is trying everything to get him going. He sat him down as a healthy scratch. He demoted Reichel to the fourth line. So far nothing has gotten Reichel going.

NBC Sports Chicago Blackhawks beat reporter Charlie Roumeliotis observed that Reichel was moved up to the first line in the second period to skate alongside Bedard and Philipp Kurashev. They got nothing out of Reichel. In the third, they switched Tyler Johnson with Kurashev. Still, Reichel did not produce.

He registered just one shot on goal for the night. At some point, the Hawks are going to have to show even more tough love and send Reichel down to Rockford. It does not seem like anything is working to get the talented forward going. This might be the only option left.

Taylor Raddysh played well.

Taylor Raddysh
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The second line has not been producing much offense lately. No one has been more of a poster boy for that than Raddysh. He had just four goals coming into the contest.

He did give the Hawks some hope of being in this game when he scored a top-shelf goal in the second period that only had the team down 2-1.

Hopefully getting one into the net gets him going because right now the offense has been Bedard and hoping the third line produces some goals.