5 Chicago Blackhawks from the 1990s that deserve to have their numbers retired

Steve Larmer deserves to have his number hang from the rafters. Jeremy Roenick, Ed Belfour, and Tony Amonte also should be discussed. Doug Wilson made most of his history in the 1980s, but he played some in the 90s too.
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Amonte played nine seasons and 627 games for the Blackhawks from 1994-2002. That puts him ninth all-time in franchise history in games played. He played 1174 games total in the NHL as he also played for the Rangers, Coyotes, Flyers, and Calgary Flames.

He scored 416 goals and dished out 484 assists during his 17-year career. 268 of those 416 goals came while he was with the Blackhawks. That amount ranks him eighth all-time in the organization. His 541 career points with the Blackhawks are 12th all-time, right behind Roenick.

Amonte meets the games and years requirements. The problem he faces is Amonte is not in the Hockey Hall of Fame (he is the US Hockey Hall of Fame like Roenick). He did make five All-Star teams, but he never won any individual awards or scoring titles.

Amonte was the last star player the team had before the franchise's dark days during the middle portion of the 2000s, but he did not exactly change the game. Amonte was very good, but it is debatable just how prolific he was among forwards in his generation. He never had over 100 points in a season despite his stellar scoring ability. Amonte is a good character guy but the lack of Hart Trophies makes it hard to see his No. 10 never being worn by a Blackhawks player ever again.