5 Reasons We Will Always Love Corey Crawford

Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports
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Crawford was amazing in the 2013 Stanley Cup run.

He was in goal for all 16 victories. He had a .934 save percentage during that run and his GAA was 1.84. You could make a case that he should have won the Conn Smythe.

At least he made the most amazing celebration rally speech rally. I would link to it but it is not safe for work.

He bounced back after struggling in the 2015 first-round series against Nashville.

Crawford was terrible in that series with a .850 save percentage. Thankfully Scott Darling was able to fill in and close out the series.

Crawford came back in the conference semifinals and shut down the Minnesota Wild as the Hawks swept them out.

The Blackhawks went on to win the second Stanley Cup with Crawford as the starting goalie. No other Blackhawks goalies have more championship rings than Corey.

What was most impressive was how he shook off that terrible first round and dominated in the semifinals all the while playing well enough to win two more series.