5 Storylines To Follow During the Second Half of the Season for the Chicago Blackhawks

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports
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Taylor Raddysh, Lukas Reichel, and Arvid Soderblom trying to finish the season strong.

Raddysh's and Reichel's offensive struggles are a contributing factor to the Hawks not producing much offense. They have a combined 19 points (Raddysh has 10 while Reichel has nine) and eight goals (Raddysh with five of them) this season.

Raddysh has missed some time with an injury, but he has not played anywhere near the level we saw last season when he racked up 37 points. Reichel is one of the Blackhawks' most gifted offensive players, but his confidence has been shot with the rough way his first NHL season is going.

If both of them can rebound in the second half, it will help the offense. It will also help their future standing with the team. Both are set for restricted free agency. Reichel is 21 so his age and potential, however diminished it feels like right now, should get him another contract. He is costing himself money and years on that deal right now.

Raddysh will be 26 next season so he is still young enough for the Hawks to consider him as a long-term piece. With this production and all the prospects the Hawks have, if he continues to play like this, he is likely to be non-tendered.

Soderblom is another young player disappointing in his first full NHL season. The hope by now is he would have a firm grasp on the No. 1 goaltender spot. Instead, he is one of the worst goalies in the NHL. He has been so bad that the Blackhawks have extend Petr Mrazek to a bridge-deal until Drew Commesso is ready.

That does not mean the clock has run out on Soderblom's hopes to be the long-term starting netminder for the Hawks. If he plays like he has the rest of the year, it will solidify him as nothing more than a backup goalie, or worse, a player the team loans out to a European club next season.