A (Crazy) Week in Review if you're a Chicago Blackhawks Fan

Wait wha happen'
Seattle Kraken v Chicago Blackhawks
Seattle Kraken v Chicago Blackhawks / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

At the moment "my" sporsts teams that I cheer for aren't doing so well in the win/loss/playing well columns. The Blackhawks have the second fewest points, Notre Dame didn't make the playoff, the Cubs blew their chances late, and the Hoosiers can't hit a 3 pointer and I'm fearful of the Big Ten season that is looming.

Not only that, but like most of you, my head is "spinning" from all the headlines the Blackhawks have been generating of late. From the healthy scratch mystery to a team statement to a termination after an internal investigation.... the Corey Perry fiasco has been dealt with after an emotional press conference by GM Kyle Davidson.

The online rumor mill that took place inbetween then was to quote Davidson, "frankly disgusting" and I condemn any and all that participated in such inappropriate behavior (including members of the media both small and prominent). These are real people, real families, and they were affected for no good reason other than someones "good time" joke that spread like wild fire.

I, for one, did not help spread this or write about it in specific detail. I, like most, was always more curious on the source of said rumor to help stop the spread if anything. It was malicious and to the media members that helped in the unfurling of this: shame on you.

Now, at least for me, it's time to move on and focus back onto the team and their play on the ice. Let's dive into the recent homestand and the acquisition of Anthony Beauvillier.

Over the last 7 days (day after the 7-3 loss in Columbus) the Blackhawks had a successful 3 game homestand in which they grabbed 4 out of 6 points against the Maple Leafs (4-3 win in what for me was the most exciting game in 2 years), Blues (4-2 Loss), and Kraken (4-3 Win). Averaging 3.3 goals per with the losses of 2 forwards (13 points combined missing) that with them the team was right at 2.5 gpg is a huge win for a team at the bottom of the standings.

In that time Kyle Davidson also acquired 26 year old wing Anthony Beauvillier to help bolster a now depleted forward core. The compensation was only a conditional 5th round selection. If you read through some of the social media comments by Canucks fans you'll quickly see that this was a great deal for the Blackhawks. Beauvillier will be a free agent at the end of the season and carries a 4.15 million dollar cap hit.

The Sorel-Tracy Quebec native will wear #91 for the Blackhawks. He had 17 points in 55 contests with Vancouver however he posted 165 points in 342 games over a 5 year span with the Islanders. That is just under a 1/2 point (.48) per game pace and would equate to a nearly 40 point per season (82 games) pace. To put that into perspective, last season the Hawks only had 3 players reach 40 points and only one (Athanasiou) do so while finishing the season with the team.

My take on the Beauvillier addition is simple; there is a lot of potential for this move to work in the team's favor. If he plays well then Kyle Davidson has a 26 year old winger that he could potentially resign or "re"flip for a higher asset than the one he cost to acquire. If he doesn't play well, then the cost to add him was minimal at best and his cap hit comes off the books. Seems like yet another move in which our general manager is making the smart play.

What will next week bring? A game every other day and a focus on hockey. Last week's headlines are now just that, in the past where they should remain.