A Guide to Tempering Expectations for Blackhawks' Fans During the Trade Deadline

Chicago Blackhawks v New York Islanders
Chicago Blackhawks v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

Presently there are no Hawks' games to watch. There is only social media, rumors, and wild assumptions about what will happen with our Chicago Blackhawks over the next 28 days. I've seen on @Blackhawk_Up, podcasts, or on various sports programs alot of fans posting their trade ideas.

If you've gotten to know me through writing up to this point, I believe you will see me as someone that likes to temper ones' expectations. I've seen people list 3 first rounders and a top prospect for Kane. Alot of people thinking Toews is worth a 1st and an A+ young player. Jake McCabe is worth a 1st and if we retain 50%, then he should also get us another top tier asset, on and on it goes.

Look, the Chicago Blackhawks are a bad team, a bad team WITH the players we are trying to get assets for. Other teams realize what we have and they will not overpay for them. Patrick Kane isn't 100%, Jonathan Toews isn't the dominate 2 way center he was, and Jake McCabe has a long injury history and isn't an offensive defenseman. We are limited in what the return will be, so gear up for this eventual outcome.

In my opinioion here are realistic returns on 10 Blackhawk players:

1. Patrick Kane: (50% retained) A top 16 protected 2023 1st, a B+ Prospect, and a 2024 3rd

2. Jonathan Toews: (50% retained) A 2023 2nd and a B prospect

3. Jake McCabe: With 50% Retained he is worth a protected 2023 1st

4. Max Domi: 2023 2nd and a C prospect, or a 2023 2nd and future 3rd

5. Connor Murphy: Likely not to move, value is only a 2nd to a contender

6. Sam Lafferty: Late 2nd, or a 3rd and a 5th

7. Andreas Athanasiou: 4th or a 5th

8. Alex Stalock: 5th or a 6th, possibility of a goalie swap with an extra year

9. Taylor Raddysh: A 2nd and a 3rd, or a 2nd and a B prospect

10. Jason Dickinson: A 3rd, or a 4th and a C prospect

So for all my Alexis Lafreniere and both of the Rangers' 1sts fans out there... let's settle a little bit more into reality. Bo Horvat received the Kane deal I listed (or close to it) and Horvat is 7 years younger and about to sign a long extension... So perhaps even what I've listed above is a bit too much for what we have to offer teams.

I ran a poll yesterday about whom everyone thinks will be the first Blackhawk traded (not Kane or Toews) and with over 1.000 votes it was Jake McCabe in a runaway. Next was Max Domi followed by Sam Lafferty. Time will tell on this one, but again it's time to start thinking about expecting less than ideal returns for our Blackhawks.