A Look at the Blackhawks Upcoming Draft Pick Cache

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When the season goes awry the way that it has the last 2 seasons, I like most start to look towards the draft. For Chicago Blackhawks fans, that time is likely already here despite only being at game #31 of 82. With just 19pts and currently with the best odds at landing another #1 overall pick, let's take a look at how Kyle Davidson could plan out the next 3 drafts.

First and foremost to call the 2022 and 2023 (Davidson's first two drafts) anything other than resounding successes is nonsense by any that oppose his methods (trading veterans for 1st round picks). Connor Bedard, Kevin Korchinski, Frank Nazar, Oliver Moore, and Sam Rinzel were the results of those moves. Time will tell, but having those 5 players over what were likely going to be middle tier at best seasons is what a true rebuild is all about.

When the Blackhawks start their day in Las Vegas at the end of June (in the Sphere no less) they will have their own pick (currenrtly 1st) as well as Tampa Bay's 1st which is currently 15th. They will also have 3 picks in round 2 and a pair in the 3rd. A pick later on (6th round) will likely be made but the next draft will be about those 7 picks inside the top 100.

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It won't be as strong as a draft as the 2023 pool was, but there should be 3-5 elite forwards as well as up to 7 or 8 top tier defenders on the board. If the Hawks can grab 2 of said talents in the 1st that will be a huge win for the team moving forward (especially if the top picked one can make the NHL roster right away).

The 2025 draft will be much the same, as the Hawks will go into the day with two 1st round picks (their own and Toronto's pick via the Jake McCabe deal). Add in a 2nd from the Stars for Max Domi and Davidson could have alot of flexibility when it comes to maneuverability inside the top 50 picks.

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Fast forward all the way to 2026 and some how the Hawks have 3 second rounders and an extra 4th to go with their own 1st round selection. This kind of thinking (to stockpile and spreadout draft capital) has set up Chicago to hold alot of cards when the next 3 drafts come to fruition.

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While no one wants to wait, I assure fans of the Blackhawks that help is coming. Six 1st rounders, and eight 2nd rounders makes fo fourteen high end selections over the next 3 drafts only. As Kyle Davidson said, "hop on the ride now"... So while we are all lamenting the recent play and as the losses stockpile, the future looks bright.