A McCabe and Lafferty Deal Should Get the Blackhawks Their Third 1st Round Pick

Chicago Blackhawks v Calgary Flames
Chicago Blackhawks v Calgary Flames / Derek Leung/GettyImages

Just 5 days remain until the March 3rd deadline for deals to be completed. Yesterday, both Patrick Kane and Sam Lafferty were held out of the lineup as Kyle Davidson looks at dealing them. Jake McCabe did play however (had an assist and was a +1 playing 17:46 a day after being sick) and it stands to reason that maybe that was his final game as well.

The Carolina Hurricanes please listen. You, GM and owner now, have said this is the year where your assets are in play to get better. You have already missed out on many players and it appears from all reports you are out on Timo Meier as well. You, as of yesterday, also say you'd like to upgrade your LD side and acquire multiple positions.

If there ever was a scenario that screams perfect match it's this one. We have an outstanding multi-positional bottom 6 player in Sam Lafferty AND we have a LD top 4 with a tremendous contract (even better if we retain 50% - 2x2m) waiting for you!

There should be no hesitation at this point from my perspective. It's such a good fit and the Canes would immediately roster a full team that is a true contender for the Stanley Cup. Is it the playmaking top 6 wing they covet? No, but it looks like all those players have found teams already so this has to be the move now.

If I were Kyle Davidson or Don Waddell I'd be on the phone RIGHT NOW hammering out this deal. Also I'd like to point out that the Hurricanes have excatly $3,157,777 in projected LTIR cap space to use and if we retain McCabe that's 2 million plus Lafferty is at 1.15 million which is $3,150,000. Interesting how fate works some times....