An Updated Lottery Mock Draft for the 2024 NHL Draft

Regina Pats v Brandon Wheat Kings
Regina Pats v Brandon Wheat Kings / Jonathan Kozub/GettyImages

The Blackhawks are currently tied for the fewest points in the league (21pts) with the San Jose Sharks. Based on point percentage they are the second worse team in the league though (.339 to Sharks .318). Here is a quick look at a potential top 16 for the 2024 NHL Draft (June 28th in Las Vegas at the Sphere)

I, as always, do these mock drafts and prospect analysis based on how I see the players' skill traits and projections into the NHL. As always, best player on the board should be the way general managers draft, but that doesn't always happen as we know (as Blackhawks fans).

I went ahead and did 1 simulation of the lottery and here are the results and whom "I" would take if I were the teams' GM:

1. Ottawa - C Macklin Celebrini

2. Seattle - RW Ivan Demidov

3. San Jose - LD Sam Dickinson

4. Chicago - RD Artyom Levshunov

5. Anaheim - LD Anton Silayev

6. Columbus - RW Konsta Helenius

7. Buffalo - RW Cayden Lindstrom

8. Edmonton - LW Cole Eiserman

9. Calgary - RD Zayne Parekh

10. Montreal - C Michael Brandsegg-Nygard

11. St. Louis - LD Zeev Buium

12. Minnesota - LW Berkly Catton

13. Detroit - RW Liam Greentree

14. San Jose (from Pitt) - LW Igor Chernyshov

15. Chicago (from TBL) - LW Tanner Howe

16. New Jersey - RD Henry Mews

When I look at this upcoming draft I currently am seeing a very clear and large drop in projectable talent after selection #12. I think if the Blackhawks select outside of the top 2 that the top 3 defenseman come directly into focus. For me that is Dickinson, Silayev, and Levshunov. Parekh and Buium are also elite talents on the blue line but lack the size the other 3 provide. I gave Levshunov the edge over Silayev as he is a right shot defender and that would be the preference for Chicago if their skill traits and projection were similar (as I believe they are).

Would you be happy if the Blackhawks came out of this 1st round with Levshunov and Howe?