Anton Silayev Profile, Is he a Future Chicago Blackhawk

ANTON SILAYEV Highlights 2024 NHL Draft
ANTON SILAYEV Highlights 2024 NHL Draft / NHL Draft Pros
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Anton Silayev, while an imposing player, is an excellent skater that shows well in controlling possession as well as thwarting offesnive rush attempts due to his reach and skating prowess. It is quite unusual for a player of Silayev's size and age (will turn 18 just two months before the draft) to be such a technically sound skater, but that is exactly what he is: a tremendous skater that just so happens to be 6'7 and 212 pounds.

In the video below (recently via Elite Prospects) they focus in on his fluid skating motion and burst of acceleration. This has many, including us here at Blackhawk Up, intrigued by Silayev as a potential fit for the Blackhawks should they select in the 2nd through 4th spots of the draft. Questions remain, but to say anything other than he will be considered inside the top 5 for any team this year is false information at this stage.

Will the Blackhawks take him, if he is available?