Are Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews Now Untradable?

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Chicago Blackhawks Victory Parade And Rally / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

To say alot has happened in the last few weeks is an understatement. Patrick Kanes' trade value seems to have gone from good to average to perhaps untradable. Jonathan Toews, on the other hand, is untradable due to him not being on the ice at the moment.

Frank Seravalli ( from the DFO Rundown Hockey Podcast this morning discussed some interesting topics. Most notably for Blackhawks' fans the growing belief that both Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane at best have limited trade value and most likely (as of today) won't be dealt at all.

First off the eye test should say it all: Patrick Kane isn't playing well and Jonathan Toews isn't playing at all. So whom would trade, giving up assets, for either of these 10.5 million salary players? Even at a 5.25m cap hit, they aren't playing to that number either.

Seravalli even went so far as to discuss a source that Jonathan Toews could be out of shape and around 240 pounds. That is quite the rumor to be honest. That would indicate quite a bit in my view. Awhile ago I wrote an article saying "what if Jonathan Toews has already played his final game" and a week later I feel even more strongly about this.

Look we are only 9 weeks away from Jonathan Toews being 35 years old. He has won at every level and has a ton of interests outside of hockey. If I were him, what would be the point to try to fit in with a new club when you can just retire and be a Blackhawk for life? I'm not saying that as something I think should happen, but I do believe that is where this is all headed.

Kyle Davidson wants to fully start over and that means that the Kane and Toews era has to come to a close, Even if we don't trade them, look for Davidson to move on from them this off season. It's hard to believe, but we are headed towards a trade deadline that will see Sam Lafferty traded as our only significant return.