Are the Chicago Blackhawks and Minnesota Wild Destined to be Rivals?

Internet rumblings entice the deep dive look...

Chicago Blackhawks v Minnesota Wild
Chicago Blackhawks v Minnesota Wild / David Berding/GettyImages
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Sometimes it's just impossible to ignore. That thing that everyone is talking about.

Let's step back for a second though. The Minnesota Wild were founded in the summer of 1997, however their first season was in the 2000-2001 season. That's almost 300 months ago and in the span since they have made the playoffs 13 times with zero Stanley Cups. With a 34-62 record in those 13 playoff runs the Wild can't be called a successful franchise thus far.

Sure they have six 100pt (+) seasons including the last 2 (the 113 point season in 21-22 is their best ever regular season), however when it has mattered the most the team hasn't been able to lift Lord Stanley's Cup. Their best ever run came 21 years ago when they won 8 playoff games in 2003. That means the furthest they have reached has been half way in the playoffs.

As we all know the Blackhawks were able to draft well, make timely trades, and embarked on a dynasty run that yielded 3 Stanley Cups in just 6 seasons. In said time the Blackhawks and Wild would play playoff series in 3 straight seasons. The Wild would lose all 3 and net just a 3-12 record againat the Blackhawks in those matchups. They woud be close however as in the 15 playoff games played, 7 times the outcome would be decided by a single goal. Still, the Blackhawks would pull through and even win their second Stanley Cup in 2013 while getting past Minnesota early in the process.

Los Angeles Kings v Chicago Blackhawks - Game Five
Los Angeles Kings v Chicago Blackhawks - Game Five / Jonathan Daniel/GettyImages

Ok, that was the past. What about the present and more importantly the future: