5 best bargain forwards the Blackhawks can target in free agency

The Chicago Blackhawks are rebuilding their team internally, but they still need to strongly consider adding a few free agents for 2024-25.

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The Chicago Blackhawks season is mathematically over, as that infamous lower-case ‘e’ now resides next to their name in the NHL standings. But just because the year didn’t go the way everyone wanted it to with an ultra-young team, it does mean we can look toward an offseason that should include quite a few RFAs receiving extensions. 

Others, like Colin Blackwell, are unrestricted free agents who may be back in the Windy City should he continue with his strong play. But Chicago is also looking to improve for the 2024-25 season. 

And to do that, they will also need to consider bringing in a few unrestricted free agents, including a forward or two should they have some openings. However, general manager Kyle Davidson must also be wise with the way he spends in the 2024 offseason. 

Blackhawks shouldn’t overspend in free agency for 2024-25

For a team like the Blackhawks that are still in rebuilding mode, it’s important they don’t overspend in the offseason, as they are constructing this team around Connor Bedard and are predominantly doing so with their current young talent. Davidson has a solid core to keep around, and every young player in this lineup will deliver even better returns next season, assuming each RFA gets a deal.

So, in the following slides, you won’t see any game-breaking names but solid players who would make either great leaders or lower-liners next season. None of the forwards listed will cost Davidson a ton of money, so don’t expect a major cap hit from any of these ‘bargain free agents’ the Blackhawks general manager can target this summer. 

Which forwards should he be looking to bring to Chicago for the 2024-25 season? Here are five names that should excite Blackhawks fans, even if they inevitably won’t stick around long-term if signed.