Big Dominos yet to Fall Before the Blackhawks can Make Trades

Arizona Coyotes v Vegas Golden Knights
Arizona Coyotes v Vegas Golden Knights / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Up to this point, it's only been Bo Horvat to the Islanders that has been a big move recently. There appears to be a clear message this season too: It's anyones year to win it all. Sure the Bruins, Canes, and Devils look great right now, but you could argue the Rangers, Maple Leafs, Avalanche, Stars, Knights, Oilers, and Jets all have just as good if not better rosters.

Maybe we will even get a 4th straight finals visit by the Bolts? Perhaps it's one of those seasons a team ahead of schedule makes a big run like the Kraken? What if the Wild, Capitals, Penguins, or Kings get hot goaltending late in the year and in the playoffs? It really feels like a year it's wide open.

Enter the sellers and their assets. It is clear from my seat that there are two huge moves out there that must fall first before the market is set: Timo Meier and Jakob Chychrun. These are two fantastic players and are in the prime of their careers. They have some differences though: positions (wing and defense) and most notably their term remaining. A team trading for Meier will likely extend him in the 9 million AAV range right away. Chychrun on the other hand has 2 years remaining after this season at 4.6 million AAV. In my opinion that's about 4 million below his market value as a player.

These 2 players need to move before the Blackhawks can trade off their assets whom play the same positions. Jake McCabe as a defender and our forwards (Kane, Lafferty, and Domi). Not saying that we will trade all of those players (we likely won't) however it seems like any contending team that is looking at Meier and Chychrun would ultimately pivot to the secondary market which Chicago has many options for sale.

Teams to keep an eye on for our players: Toronto, Pittsburgh, Colorado, New York Rangers, Los Angeles, and Edmonton. I think there are emerging some clear fits with some of the trade pieces and team needs (Meier for New Jersey, Chychrun for Toronto, and Tarasenko for Vegas) however these complicated deals may take some time to sort out before Kyle Davidson can make his moves.