Blackhawks 2024 NHL Draft Profile 1.0 includes an ultra-intriguing local product

The Chicago Blackhawks have the second and 18th overall picks, and a local product could be there when the Hawks select with that second first-rounder.
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What kind of game does Hage bring?

If there is one aspect of Michael Hage’s game that stands out, it’s his shot. Not only is it powerful and accurate, but Hage can also be deceptive, holding the puck for as long as he needs before picking the right time to fire it at the net. 

Hage is selective with his shots, but he doesn’t need to be, and there’s no doubt those 33 goals could have soared even higher if he took more chances at the net. But if there’s one upside to him being more conservative with shot selection, it’s that he won’t try to force anything at the net, so this isn’t necessarily a bad trait. 

That said, he’s still not afraid to shoot the puck through traffic. And given its overall speed and accuracy, that puck will often get to the net, challenging only the opposing goaltender. If someone’s there to screen the netminder in those situations, Hage will have no problem racking up goals at the collegiate level like he did in the USHL.

Michael Hage is also a fast, smooth skater, even if he doesn’t have the most ideal stance before he hits his stride. At top speed, he’s always a threat to outskate opponents and can call his own number to take the puck himself and still finish a play with ease. 

Although his speed is already good, Hage can even improve upon it if he works on his acceleration. Still, he’s got the speed and agility to outmaneuver just about anyone on the ice, and his sound edgework makes him close to a complete skater. You can check out Hage’s skating and his incredible shot yourself in the video below, powered by NHL Draft Pros.