Blackhawks Coach Profile: Jeff Blashill

Detroit Red Wings v Minnesota Wild
Detroit Red Wings v Minnesota Wild / David Berding/GettyImages

Well, I've decided I'm going to keep writing these coach profiles until the Blackhawks hire somebody. I'm so ready for it. I'd like to be talking about someone we know FOR SURE is THE GUY to lead the Hawks. Personally, I'm really hoping they can hire their next head coach before the draft so that the newly selected coach can have some direct input on what they do (not to mention the rest of the offseason). Maybe I'm just getting jumpy, since the Stanley Cup Playoffs are still going on, but I just want to see this team get back to winning and as soon as we know who the new coach is, the sooner we can formulate opinions on their potential for next season.

Ok, enough of my own musings about the coaching position. Now to this coaching candidate that, frankly, I blocked out of my mind based on comments made by one of my best friends who is a Detroit Red Wings fan. Yes, I know. How can I be friends with a Wings fan? I know, I know. To be blunt, Jeff Blashill does absolutely, unequivocally nothing for me, hence my forgetfulness. I heard his name mentioned as a coaching candidate on a hockey podcast, and let me just say, I hope they were joking. There is just nothing there to like.

Go ahead, look up his Hockey Reference page, look up his Wikipedia page. There's just nothing of note. He seems like he was an emergency replacement for Mike Babcock, who General Manager Steve Yzerman decided to keep around for a rebuild. I'm just not interested. This is clearly an opinion piece, as normally I run through the coach's history and statistics, but just not for Jeff Blashill. Maybe I'm biased because I hate the Red Wings, or maybe I just trust my friend's opinion.

But heck, just look at the opinion of the Red Wings. That roster is built. They aren't Cup contenders yet, but they are a soon-to-be playoff team. If Jeff Blashill was "it" why wouldn't they keep him? They didn't, and now, they could end up with someone like Barry Trotz or, God forbid, Joel Quenneville. Jeff Blashill just feels like the millstone keeping you grounded when you have a real chance to fly. Blashill with this Blackhawks team will just help them do nothing but flounder in irrelevance. The Hawks need someone more competent and Hawks fans deserve better.

I guess I'll summarize this article about the possibility of Jeff Blashill as the next Blackhawks head coach thusly: nope.

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