Blackhawks Deal Jack Johnson back to Colorado

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As the day starts to wind down and the big deals (and their returns) are being ironed out, it's important to note that Kyle Davidson did make a small albeit important move.

The Chicago Blackhawks moved veteran D Jack Johnson back to the Colorado Avalanche for defenseman Andreas Englund. A couple of details of this deal stick out to me. One, it shows the league and its players that Kyle Davidson will work with his players to do right by them. Secondly, the Blackhawks actually acquired a useful player for a player that did not have (if any) value.

Jack Johnson now gets to return to the team he just won a Stanley Cup with. The Blackhawks however get a 27 year old defenseman (former 2nd round pick in 2014) that is comfortable as both a veteran of the AHL as well as a spot fill in as a 6th-7th defenseman. That is something that could be key if say a Jake McCabe deal comes to fruition.

No, this isn't a blockbuster but it does show a deft touch by our organization to show the players in this league that we are willing to work with them.

Andreas Englund is a 6'3 left shot defenseman from Sweden. He was drafted 40th overall by the Ottawa Senators. He should join the Blackhawks very soon and could be playing as quickly as tomorrow night in Anaheim. There are still around 114 hours until the deadline, so buckle up as there appears to be no slowing down this trade deadline anytime soon.