Blackhawks Fleeced: Debrincat Trade

Alex Debrincat - Chicago Blackhawks v Florida Panthers
Alex Debrincat - Chicago Blackhawks v Florida Panthers / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

To say I’m surprised is an understatement. The Blackhawks traded star forward Alex Debrincat after months of rumours. Debrincat will be starting his new journey with the Ottawa Senators, and the Blackhawks received three draft picks in return. The 7th overall pick in the 2022 NHL draft, a 2022 2nd Round pick and a 3rd Round pick. 

The Blackhawks have been absolutely defeated in this trade, and it’s not up for discussion in my opinion. I understand the argument that the team couldn’t afford his contract after this season as he’s likely looking for $10M a season, but there’s no way you get that little for a guy that will be a multi time 40 goal scorer, and will likely be a top 6 forward for the next 5-6 years. 

There were rumours circulating that teams were willing to offer higher picks, a couple good players and a high end prospect, so for the Hawks to settle for less, and a lot less at that, is a joke. There were so many opportunities to make this trade look so much better for their future, so to say I’m furious is also an understatement. 

There is no reason a guy like Alex Debrincat couldn’t bring back two roster players, an A level prospect and a 1st round pick. This trade, right now, makes no sense for the Blackhawks and makes them look like the joke of the draft so far. 

I also wonder, what does this mean for Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews? Both players have spoken recently about how they were bought in, but would have to analyze their situation if Cat got moved, which now he obviously has. 

The Blackhawks got fleeced. There’s no other way to put it, it can’t be sugar coated. This team is looking like a bottom feeder going into next season, so it’s going to be interesting.