Blackhawks land SIX first and second-round talents in NHL Mock Draft 2.0

With the 18th pick at their disposal as well as the second pick, the Chicago Blackhawks put themselves in position to land two stars in NHL Mock Draft 2.0.
2024 Kubota CHL Top Prospects Game
2024 Kubota CHL Top Prospects Game / Dale Preston/GettyImages
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Sometimes, everything falls right to you, and they work out for the best. This was the case in my second NHL Mock Draft simulation for the Chicago Blackhawks. Mock Draft 1.0 didn’t even come close to what became not four, but SIX PLAYERS ranked in the Top 64 falling to the Hawks, per FC Hockey’s rankings in their mock draft simulator

Unfortunately, the simulator was not updated to reflect the recent trade between the Hawks and New York Islanders, so I had to discard a third pick in the second round, which was traded to the Isles last week. But still, if that’s what it takes to give the Blackhawks what should be six future NHLers at some point toward the latter half of the decade, so be it. 

Whether this reflects real life or not, we’ll know in just over a month, but if it does, I can see at least the second-overall pick playing in the Windy City next season, or in 2026-27 at the latest. As for my second pick in the first round, I’m also targeting a 2026-27 start date in which they will at least get a trial. 

NHL Mock Draft Simulation 2.0 was very kind to the Blackhawks

As with the previous mock draft, I took on the role of general manager Kyle Davidson, meaning I could pick only for the Hawks. Therefore, the simulation selected for the other 31 teams, leaving me to roll with the prospects who were left over. It was more than a pleasant surprise to see just how many of those players I managed to snag as late as the third round who were ranked higher, yet still free-falling. 

How do I know they were first and second-round talents? Paying attention to FC Hockey, the draft pick labeled 3B clocked in with a 63rd overall ranking. So, with 32 NHL teams multiplied by two, you’ll get 64, which reflects each pick in the first two rounds. 

Who was that player, and who did I manage to snag in the picks that preceded them? Keep reading for a complete rundown and a description of each prospect who could very well be standing on stage in a Blackhawks sweater next month.