Blackhawks Proposed Trade Idea: Alex DeBrincat

Seattle Kraken v Chicago Blackhawks
Seattle Kraken v Chicago Blackhawks / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

Rumors have been swirling over the last 48 hours, ever since Frank Seravalli's article on the Daily Faceoff dropped suggesting Alex DeBrincat is the top trade target this offseason. We even examined what implications that could have for the Blackhawks on an article from yesterday. Speculation continues to spiral and build momentum wildly. Mario Tirabassi from CHGO has been all over the Frank Seravalli reporting.

Not just "confidently," "VERY confidently" were the words chosen there. The writing is on the wall. This is happening folks. At this point it really is just a matter of when. To continue this speculation, Tirabassi threw out a proposed trade for the Blackhawks to conduct with the New Jersey Devils. This trade would assuredly occur in the nights or hours leading up to the NHL Draft in July.

He goes on to clarify that New Jersey's #2 overall pick would be just the start of a trade package for DeBrincat. The significant news here is the idea that the Blackhawks could end up with one of those consensus top three players in this draft. Shane Wright had seemingly been a surefire #1 overall, until recent draft speculation (typical about players leading up to the draft). The idea that you could end up with Wright if the cards fell your way is tantalizing to say the least. Even if you don't land Wright, Slafkovsky or Cooley would be significant consolation prizes. And at pick #2 overall, you just have to wait to see what the Montreal Canadiens do.

Pair this "#2 overall and more" trade proposal with the idea that the Blackhawks will be among the NHL's worst teams next year, you could see Chicago landing a top 5 draft pick next season. And that doesn't even include what they might be able to attain through Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews trades which have been rumored for as early as this offseason through the trade deadline. You could be looking at a wealth of quality draft picks for the Blackhawks heading into a very deep draft next year.

So, theoretically, what we've got here in this proposal is the idea that the Blackhawks could land a top prospect this year and potentially multiple top prospects next year. I know it might be hard to say goodbye to DeBrincat, let alone legends like Kane and Toews, but this proposed return, which, again, is just the beginning of what they could get back, is intriguing. Possibilities are endless.