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Blackhawks Release Inside Look on New Coach

Every Shift: Behind the Scenes at the Home Opener | Chicago Blackhawks
Every Shift: Behind the Scenes at the Home Opener | Chicago Blackhawks / Chicago Blackhawks

The Chicago Blackhawks official YouTube channel ( has released an extremely well-produced video about new coach Richardson's first couple of weeks on the job. This nearly 11 minute piece gives fans the best take on how he is a coach and person yet.

One thing, more so than other coaches I've witnessed, is that coach Richardson truly still is a player. In his head and when coaching he is still thinking like he is on the ice. It is extremely evident when he is talking with his team or drawing up directions on the white board.

I've been a fan of the hire since day one, this video piece only serves as more evidence that he is the right person to lead us back to a winning club. The expertly produced video edited together the home opener against the Red Wings and I must say.... They made it so enthralling even though I knew the outcome already!

In between periods and after the game were the true reveals from my viewpoint. You could truly see how much he leans on his staff and is building that chemistry. I'm excited to have Luke Richardson leading the team I love so much. Get to know him Blackhawks fans, he is going to be here for a long time!