Blackhawks Rumors: Seth Jones Trade

Winnipeg Jets v Chicago Blackhawks
Winnipeg Jets v Chicago Blackhawks / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

The Blackhawks are likely selling, and listening to every single player they have on their roster as they look to focus on their future. Players like Toews, Kane and Jones are all on massive contracts, and could be moved. This article, though, will focus on a recent rumor that came up about Seth Jones, who was signed to a long term deal last summer, and the likelihood of him being traded. 

It sounds like the Blackhawks aren’t looking to actively trade Jones, but his name has popped up. Teams don’t like his cap hit though, as confirmed by Scott Powers of the Athletic in his most recent mailbag. 

"“Don’t count on a Seth Jones trade anytime soon. Teams like Jones but not enough to take the contract according to sources.”"

Scott Powers - The Athletic

Jones signed an 8 year extension worth $9.5M AAV last summer, and many fans around the league were blown away, as he didn’t seem to be worth the money. As the season went on though, Jones seemed to be able to find a bit of his touch, and had a 52 point season on a struggling Hawks roster. If the Blackhawks were going to try and be aggressive to move Jones, they’d likely have to retain 50% of his cap hit. In saying that, I think there are a few teams that would be interested in him. 

The first team that pops in my mind is the Oilers. They had interest years ago before he was traded to Columbus, and they’re looking for Defensive help yet again, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they inquired. The Blackhawks would likely get Barrie and/or Foegele with a couple prospects to complete this deal. 

The Stars are another team that comes to mind. They lost John Klingberg to Anaheim, and Jones would make sense as a replacement. The Blackhawks would likely get a much better return from the Stars too. 

I also think the Ducks, Bruins, Capitals and Rangers all make sense. If the Ducks lose Klingberg next offseason, Jones would become their #1 D man immediately. The Bruins, Rangers and Capitals would be able to afford Jones, and they’d both give him an opportunity as the power play quarterback. If they’re contending come trade deadline time, I can see them all at least inquiring.