Blackhawks select Connor Bedard and Oliver Moore in the 1st Round

Ummm yea that just happened!
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Round One
2023 Upper Deck NHL Draft - Round One / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

Tonight was a heck of a night if you're a Blackhawks fan! Still energetic after 4 hours of waiting for a trade to happen and watching Gabe Perreault and Oliver Moore slide right into "Kyle from Chicago" DMs.

"Hey, I'm available"...

"Ok, good listen to this:" With the 19th pick the Chicago Blackhawks select Oliver Moore!

Look this draft was an all-time great group of prospects and that's why there were no trades. Simple as that. There were really only a hand full of reaches to me. That will be another article though, focusing in on the Blackhawks 2 picks tonight it is obvious that Chicago got alot more talented tonight.

Connor Bedard, jersey sales already breaking the internet, is a Chicago Blackhawk. A special talent and a great teammate by all accounts will bring excitement to this new era of Blackhawks hockey. His scoring ability is second to none over the past few years.

Oliver Moore is a good sized forward that will head to the University of Minnesota for the next season or 2. This is a lightning fast skater that looks to have a really good frame to build upon. His effort in backchecking and extending plays is what excites me about his potential though.

The Chicago Blackhawks left this draft with my #1 and #8 players on my big board. Mission accomplished. They didn't even need to trade up or give any assets to do it either. Think about this. even with the #19 pick (Oliver Moore) being made from the Brandon Hagel deal we still have their 1st next draft as well. Wow! On to day 2!