Blackhawks: Signing Andrew Copp

Andrew Copp - New York Rangers v New York Islanders
Andrew Copp - New York Rangers v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

Upcoming unrestricted free agent Andrew Copp was on of the most sought after rentals at the trade deadline. He was traded from Winnipeg to the Rangers at the deadline and has become a big part of their middle six. It's fair to assume that the Rangers will want to bring Copp back as part of their system next season and for years to come but with the players the Rangers need to give contracts back too, it's not out of the question that Copp chooses to test free agency and get what he's worth on the market.

After being traded to the Rangers, Copp put up 18 points in 16 games. He was a big offensive depth part of the Jets organization between the 2017-18 season and this season until the deal. He is getting into the prime of his career, so a move to a team that is willing to pay him, maybe a bit more than he deserves could be beneficial for his career.

If the Rangers can't lock him back up, it's safe to assume he will look at every option that comes his way. He's not in a "win now" position in his career, so signing with a rebuilding team would help him become the best version of himself as far as becoming a leader, as well as being leaned on more as an option whether at even strength or getting opportunities on the power play. Copp also adds the ability to penalty kill, which is a huge advantage for any player in this league.

Should the Blackhawks sign him?

The Blackhawks need offensive depth, so bringing in Andrew Copp is like adding a piece to the puzzle. At the right price, he is the ideal player to bring in and provide some scoring alongside a middle six that currently lacks the ability to put the puck in the net at a consistent pace. Bringing Copp in for a 2-3 year contract worth around $3M a season would make for one of the best signings in recent Blackhawks history. The ability to surround guys like Debrincat, Kane and Dach with players that can take the weight off of them for scoring is what Copp can do, so I wuld really love for the Hawks to be all over him the second he hits the free agent market, if it happens.

Pairing him up with Dach could actually help them feed off of each other and become better players. I'm not someone that can see the future, but with their playstyles, I think they'd be able to compliment each other. Add in the players the team already has, if they can keep them around, and the forward group begins to look extremely dangerous.