Blackhawks: Signing Danny Dekeyser

Danny DeKeyser - Detroit Red Wings v New Jersey Devils
Danny DeKeyser - Detroit Red Wings v New Jersey Devils / Rich Graessle/GettyImages

If we look at the depth of the Blackhawks D core, it's definitely not the strongest in the NHL and with a rebuild pending, it's not like the team is going to go balls out for a star defenseman. With that being said, we look at a player who has struggled in recent years in Danny Dekeyser. The 32 year old left handed shot d man stands at 6'3, 183 pounds, and has 547 games of NHL experience with 146 points to show for it with the Red Wings. This past season though, Dekeyser only had 11 assists with a -8 in 59 games played.

If the Blackhawks decide to take the risk and sign Dekeyser, he's not going to cost too much. 1-2 years under $1 Million a season is something the team needs to inquire about. A guy who adds a veteran leadership presence while also having the urgency to prove himself as a full time NHL D man is the ideal low risk, high reward contract that I've mentioned time and time again. Dekeyser is a guy that will play his role whether that's in the top 2 or bottom 4, he will battle hard each and every night to help his team get the win, which is a player the Blackhawks want.

His 200 foot game is still very solid. He has some holes that need to be worked on as everyone does, and on a rebuilding team, Dekeyser's mistakes won't be as frowned upon. If he doesn't pan out, as with every other low risk contract, he would be easy to trade or buy out. There are going to be teams in the market for veteran D men this off-season, so if the bidding for Dekeyser gets too high which I don't expect, the Blackhawks should bring him in.