Blackhawks: Signing Jimmy Vesey

Jimmy Vesey - Detroit Red Wings v New Jersey Devils
Jimmy Vesey - Detroit Red Wings v New Jersey Devils / Rich Graessle/GettyImages

Looking into some depth options for the Blackhawks now with the assumption the team goes into full rebuild mode, we look at pending unrestricted free agent Jimmy Vesey. A team that is rebuilding will target younger players that are looking to make a name for themselves and become a big part of the future, or a veteran player that will keep everyone in check and dialed in during the losing struggles of the rebuild.

Vesey kind of sits in the middle of these two categories, being 29 years old. He has played through rebuilds before, and has been a decent player in the bottom 6 of every team he's been too. Unfortunately for him, he has yet to find a place to call home. Bouncing from a three season stint with the Rangers, to 3 different teams over 2 seasons spending time with the Sabres, Leafs and Canucks.

Vesey earned a contract with the Devils this past season, and the struggling New Jersey team has the same vision with their team as the Blackhawks do now. A rebuild, with guys that want to prove themselves. Last season with the Devils, Vesey played 68 games and put up 15 points. His offensive touch hasn't really come back since he left the Rangers, but it's still there.

Vesey won't be earning too much on his next contract, and he is a low risk, high reward type of signing for a guy that will cost less then a million dollars a season. If Vesey fits in the Blackhawks lineup and he earns himself a raise coming out of the rebuild as a veteran presence then perfect. If not, no harm no foul. Bringing him in for 1, even 2 years at $800-900k would be an incredibly smart signing by the franchise, and one I want to see happen. Everyone loves a good comeback story.