Blackhawks: Signing Sonny Milano

Sonny Milano - Anaheim Ducks v Florida Panthers
Sonny Milano - Anaheim Ducks v Florida Panthers / Joel Auerbach/GettyImages

Free agency has begun and the Blackhawks haven’t been insanely active. But, they still need to fill out their middle 6 depth, and one player that is still available that really catches my eye is former Ducks forward Sonny Milano, who many of you may recall scored the goal off of Zegras’ ridiculous pick up pass from behind the net. 

Aside from having flashy hands, Milano is a really solid, and underrated forward that will be a solid addition to whatever team snags him. If the Blackhawks offered him a 1-2 year deal around $1.5M AAV, I’d be happy. His speed and grittiness mixed with his touch of offence would help the team next season. I've liked Milano since he was a first round pick to Columbus in 2014, so having him come to the Hawks would be a sweet touch.

Milano, 26, has 81 points through 197 games and would join the Blackhawks as a solid complementary piece to the players that have already signed with the squad. At 6’0, 194 pounds, Milano isn’t the biggest guy, but his size isn’t an issue. He has some speed and as I’ve mentioned before, incredible hands. He would likely be looked at as a bottom 6 scorer with the Blackhawks, likely getting some ice time in the top 6 with the weaker forward core the team is currently carrying.

Coming off of a career year, Milano is going to look to play somewhere that he can shine. I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided to join guys like Domi, Blackwell and Athanasiou who are all on short term deals to prove themselves. Playing for a rebuilding team and putting up 40-50 points looks good on anyone’s resume, and that’s exactly what I think Milano will be able to do. If he ends up with the right linemates and jive, the Blackhawks might be entertaining to watch this year.