The Blackhawks ultimate checklist for a successful 2024 offseason

The Chicago Blackhawks 2024 offseason is right around the corner, and this summer, general manager Kyle Davidson would be wise to keep building the core.
Dallas Stars v Chicago Blackhawks
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Draft the absolute best player available 

Although it was predictable, the Blackhawks hit a home run with Connor Bedard. But that needs to happen at least one more time, as Chicago is destined to get another top-four pick. After I made nearly two-dozen simulations at Tankathon, the Blackhawks rarely even landed outside the top three, and they also snagged the No. 1 overall spot on three occasions. 

If the No. 1 pick last season meant Connor Bedard, it would mean Macklin Celebrini this time around, and like Bedard, he should jump right into the NHL unless an unforeseen setback occurs. But even if Chicago isn’t lucky enough to land the top pick for two years running, it doesn’t mean they’re out of luck, considering the sheer talent in this draft class. 

In Tankathon’s April 9th mock draft, they have Chicago taking Ivan Demidov of the MHL, whom Tankathon has ranked second. Regardless of where, presumably in the top four (even the top three, per the simulation), the Blackhawks pick, Davidson must roll with the absolute best player on his board and get them into the NHL as soon as possible. 

That said, if they aren’t NHL-ready, there is no need to rush them. But anyone drafted in that top four needs to learn how to be contributors sooner rather than later.