By This Time Tomorrow, We will Know Whom will be a Future Blackhawk

SKA Hockey Club player, Matvei Michkov (No.39) seen in...
SKA Hockey Club player, Matvei Michkov (No.39) seen in... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

It is now less than 24 hours until the Draft Lottery. That means a flood a articles will happen just after we know where the Blackhawks will select. To review, here are the odds:

1st: 11.5%

2nd: 11.2%

3rd: 7.8%

4th: 39.7%

5th: 29.8%

To sum this up, from the 3rd position that is actually our least likely landing spot while we only have a 22.7% chance at Connor Bedard or Adam Fantilli and more likely shot at 4th and 5th at 69.5%. The 3rd through 5th positions seem to waiver between players however the most likely candidates appear to be Leo Carlsson, Matvei Michkov, Will Smith, and Zach Benson. I would also consider Ryan Leonard, Nate Danielson, and Oliver Moore if we end up with the 5th pick.

If we get pick 1, know that it's Connor Bedard. Pick 2, that's Adam Fantilli. I'd venture that pick 3 is Leo Carlsson. At 4 and 5 it's likely going to be Matvei Michkov (based on Davidson's openness and comments) or Will Smith. These are the likely picks making the draft lottery a key event in knowing whom will be a future Blackhawk.

While the odds are not in our favor, they are not for any team thusly making this (or what should be) a true luck of the draw for all 11 teams in contention for the #1 pick. The right to select Regina forward Connor Bedard is truly a once an every 10-15 year distrinction it appears, however it will not be make or break for the Chicago Blackhawks.

With 3 first round picks in the system from last year, a host of maturing blue line talent emerging, and 6 picks in the top 58 this draft we will be just fine no matter where we select this draft. The future is bright and the direction is being followed to a "T" by Kyle Davidson. As of today, I am truly OK with whichever spot we land on by this time tomorrow.