Can Lukas Reichel Carry Over his Improved Play into Next Season?

It's time to see what we have in Lukas Reichel
Chicago Blackhawks v New York Islanders
Chicago Blackhawks v New York Islanders / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

Overall, the 2023-2024 season didn't go to plan for Lukas Reichel. When taking a macro-style look at his overall season, one would say that the year didn't go well for the young German forward. For reference, Reichel would end up with one more point than he did last year... in forty two extra games though.

While a 16.7% shooting percentage (in twenty three games) was not sustainable given the roster around him, Reichel would only manage a 6% shot to goal ratio and merely double his shots on goal despite playing in almost three times the amount of games. Was this an effort issue, a confidence issue, maybe a talent issue? These were the questions that needed answers as Lukas Reichel would be sent back to Rockford late in the season.

When the twenty one year would play for the Icehogs, he would not only play well but he would also help the team win and secure a playoff spot. With seven points in nine matchups, including a game winning assist to Ethan Del Mastro in OT, it appeared that the confidence was back. Lukas Reichel would be on his way back to Chicago soon.

Lukas Reichel, Connor Bedard
Colorado Avalanche v Chicago Blackhawks / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

After being called up, Reichel would not only finish the remaining 15 games with 6 points (including a multi-point game on March 30th, as well as a dazzling breakaway goal in the season finale) but his game seemed to be more refined as well. A burst of speed, an engagement in a board battle, a finishing check, a dangle attempt when he was the lead puck carrier; everything seemed different. So the question is now quite clear.

Which Lukas Reichel will the 2024-2025 Blackhawks be getting? Reichel, turning 22 in less than a month, is still very young. He has good size, speed, and skill. Producing 15 points in a 23 game call up a year ago as a 20 year old should paint a picture of a player with high end finishing ability as well as playmaking. Perhaps a more talented roster around him in combination with another off season will show Blackhawks' fans around the world just what Lukas Reichel can become. Time will always tell, but make no mistake about it: Next year will be a big one in terms of determining if Lukas Reichel is apart of the core of the Hawks going forward.

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