Carter Yakemchuk Draft Profile: Is he a Future Chicago Blackhawk?

2024 Kubota CHL Top Prospects Game - Practice Sessions
2024 Kubota CHL Top Prospects Game - Practice Sessions / Dale Preston/GettyImages
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When you see that many goals from a defenseman in the WHL you typically would imagine he has a great "point" shot on the power play. Yakemchuk definitely has that in his arsenal, however he has also shown the capacity to hit the back of the net in a multitude of ways such as on the rush, net front pressure goal (dirty goal one would say), or even on a cleverly placed wrister from the right side.

A recent player of the week in the WHL, look at the video below as a small indicator of his overall talent and you'll quickly realize that he is likely going inside the top 8-12 picks of this draft. The goal on a spin-o-rama in traffic to a backhand high stick side is hands down one of the best highlights you'll see from ANY draft eligible this year.

In a draft year where most of the talented forwards have legitimate concerns surrounding their overall projection, it will likely be the top 6 rated defenders that will all go inside the top 12 picks. It is easily the strength of the 2024 class.

Would he fit in as a Chicago Blackhawk?