Cayden Lindstrom Is the Best Draft Prospect for the Chicago Blackhawks Outside of Macklin Celebrini

Jonathan Kozub/GettyImages
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The Chicago Blackhawks currently have the second-best odds in the NHL Draft Lottery. If lightning strikes twice, the Hawks will get the opportunity to add another generational talent in Macklin Celebrini.

Let's not get our hopes up too quickly. We still have a long way to go before the ping-pong balls start to be pulled out. Plus, the Anaheim Ducks, Columbus Blue Jackets, or Ottawa Senators could trade off pieces before the deadline to become even worse than the Hawks.

Luck should also not be a strategy to build a team. That is not to say winning the draft lottery again would not be fantastic for the Hawks. Celebrini is an outstanding draft prospect on the same level as Connor Bedard. Having those two phenoms together would be amazing.

The odds currently say there is an 86.5% chance that the Blackhawks are not going to have that opportunity. Heck, you run the SIM Lottery button five times and the Hawks never get the top pick. At least that is what I ran into. So banking on Celebrini coming to the Blackhawks should come with caution.

The Blackhawks are still in a good position to add an impact player in this year's draft. They are likely to have a top-five pick.

The Hawks could use another elite defenseman prospect. They certainly could use some more scoring at forward. What the Blackhawks' prospect pool really needs is size at forward. However, we know the Hawks front office is going to prioritize speed and skill along with character and hockey intelligence. They will not deviate from those traits.

At the same time, with the Blackhawks having seven picks in the first three rounds with two coming in the first, they could draft for size and not hurt their prospect pool. That is why the team should seriously consider drafting Cayden Lindstrom.