Cayden Lindstrom Is the Best Draft Prospect for the Chicago Blackhawks Outside of Macklin Celebrini

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Adding a force like Cayden Lindstrom would add a player with size and skating ability.

That is why he is the perfect prospect for the Chicago Blackhawks to consider in the first-round if they lose the NHL Draft Lottery.

A left-handed shot, he is listed at six-foot, three inches and 216 pounds. Although he has been reported to be six-foot, four or five too.

That is a big skater who according to Sportsnet's Sam Cosentino write-up, "Has started to apply himself in a manner where he can take games over both physically and skillfully."

The Daily Faceoff's Steve Ellis wrote up, "From talking to a few WHL defenders, Lindstrom might be the most feared player in a 1-on-1 situation due to his combination of speed, skill and pure mass. The upside here is enormous – literally."

A force of nature on the ice is another way he has been described.

Imagine having that type of player on the United Center ice.

Various scouting sites have him ranked all over the place, but he is considered a top-10 prospect. The NHL Central Scouting has him as their third-best prospect. Elite Prospects ranks him fourth. TSN's Bob McKenzie ranks Lindstrom as his fifth-best prospect.

Lindstrom brings speed, physicality, and skill to the ice according to Elite Prospects.