The Chicago Blackhawks Should Extend These 3 Pending Unrestricted Free Agents

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Jason Dickinson

Dickinson's offseason work on his shot has paid off. He is second on the team in goals and third in points.

This is the first time in his career he has reached double-digit goals. He blew past his career high in the middle of December. He has played so well this season that he has become one of the team's six most important players.

The conflict with Dickinson is this just could be his career year. His trade value might never be this high, especially with a $2.65 million cap hit. Teams right up against the cap might be interested in adding his goal-scoring ability this season since he would not be that tight of a fit for those franchises compared to others who might be on the trade market.

Then again, he might need to be part of a package deal to maximize his trade return.

He is viewed as a leader on the team. He has been wearing the "A" since Seth Jones went on IR.

Dickinson will be 30 next season, so it is not like his best hockey is behind him. Bringing him back on a two-year deal around the same money as Foligno would not break the Blackhawks. This team needs someone to score goals during the rebuild and Dickinson has worked hard to provide that. In addition, it would be a good way to get to the salary cap floor to bring him back.

However, if a team is willing to give up a premium pick, then trade him. If the Hawks do not move him before the deadline and another team offers him more years on the market based on this season's production, then let him walk.