Chicago Blackhawks phenom Connor Bedard scores a goal that amazes everyone including Wayne Gretzky

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Connor Bedard continues to live up to the hype.

Classified as a generational talent when the Chicago Blackhawks drafted him No. 1 overall, Bedard continues to find new ways to amaze everyone.

He found a creative method to drop everyone's jaw when he scored the Hawks' first goal of the game against the St. Louis Blues.

Call it a lacrosse goal, a Michigan goal, call it whatever you want, it was simply the best goal of the season so far. This goal will be forever part of Bedard's highlight reel. The cherry on top was it came against Jordan Binnington.

The goal sent the social media world into a frenzy. It drew high praise from everyone including the Great One.

Gretzky was hockey's most creative player and even he admitted he could not do what Bedard did on the Hawks' opening goal. That was not just a flash-in-the-pan goal. That is Bedard showing his game is more than generational, it is transcendent.

The league is already leveraging his star power to grow the game. They had Bedard's first-ever NHL game broadcasted on ESPN. It just so happened to be against Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins. They marketed the game as an event, not just an opening game matchup.

Bedard versus Edmonton's Connor McDavid would have been marketed the same had it not been on at 9 pm CST. At least, it was on national television.

You got the league putting together a meeting between Bedard and NBA phenom Victor Wembanyama for a crossover event. They are absolutely trying to maximize Bedard's drawing power.

The things Bedard does on the ice have us forgetting that he is still 18 years old.

Who knows if Bedard will break any of Gretzky's records? We are talking about the Great One who did amazing things with the puck and put eye-popping numbers. Think about it, Gretzky scored 51 goals and had 86 assists during his first NHL season. Bedard is more on pace for a 74-point season.

The problem is the goal came in a soul-crushing 7-5 defeat. The Hawks had a 5-2 lead in the third period and let it slip away. The Chicago Blackhawks are in the early stages of a massive rebuild so losses like this will happen. Thankfully, the franchise has Bedard to build around.