Chicago Blackhawks Player Grades: How Was Kevin Korchinski's Rookie Campaign?

Reviewing the young defenseman's first season in Chicago
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What's Next for Korchinski?

As a 19-year-old defenseman playing in his rookie season, Korchinski handled the pressures of the NHL well. He was put into a role that he was likely not ready to handle but continued to work on improving as the season went on. Ideally, playing in Rockford would have been best for him this season if the rules allowed it. However, through an up-and-down year, Korchinski showed his potential which should give hope to Blackhawks fans.

Going into next season, Korchinski will likely train to put on more muscle which will make him more of a physical presence on the ice. There were times where he was out-muscled by an opposing player and lost his leverage in the play. Young defensemen always go through a learning curve in professional hockey, and physicality is usually one of them.

His defensive instincts are going to improve as time goes on, and he has the size and skating ability to become a real threat at both ends of the ice for the Blackhawks. His offensive game should take a step forward with more talent coming onto the roster for more scoring options.

Korchinski looked like a rookie defender, which is not a bad thing at all. He experienced necessary setbacks that most players face early on. The real test is going to be how he addresses those going forward and whether he can rise above the challenges that face him in the NHL. He is a smart player with tons of potential, and it is easy to see why the Blackhawks have so much faith that he will become their top defenseman one day.

Kevin Korchinski's grade for his rookie season is a C+.