Why the Chicago Blackhawks should consider trading for Jeff Skinner this offseason

While Skinner's massive $9 million dollar contract has been an anchor for the Buffalo Sabres, it may actually provide some financial, and on ice value to the Blackhawks.
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What type of offer could the Blackhawks make for Jeff Skinner?

I think fair trade value would be a second-round draft pick and maybe a mid-tier prospect like Aiden Thompson for Skinner. Remember that in deals that are essentially salary dumps, the team dumping salary rarely gets much in return because the real value they are gaining is cap space. The fact that the sabres wouldn't need to retain any salary on this deal could drive down the asking price for them as well.

Finally, Skinner has proven in the past few seasons that he is far from a washed-up player. He is a solid, legitimate top-six forward who could play on a wing with Connor Bedard or Frank Nazar and make their lives easier as they grow into the best versions of themselves as players.

Imagine a top line of Taylor Hall, Connor Bedard, Philip Kurashev, and then a second line of Jeff Skinner, Frank Nazar, and Lukas Reichel (or another player you bring in as a free agent). Suddenly the Hawks look like a more legitimate threat night in and night out.

This move wouldn't make sense for most teams, but most teams are not in the strange position that the Blackhawks are in. Adding Jeff Skinner would improve the teams on ice performace, provide veteran leadership and stability in the locker room for the younger players, and allow the Blackhawks to easily hit the cap floor and make Davidson's job easier. It's a win, win, win, and hopefully the Hawks will be doing more actual winning as a result of it.