Chicago Blackhawks superstar Connor Bedard is the star of the Hockey World Championship

He has five goals in four games.
Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Blackhawks phenom Connor Bedard continues to add his budding legacy with his outstanding play in the IIHF Hockey World Championship.

He is upsetting people in the process and for good reasons.

Bedard has five goals and an assist in four games.

Bedard continues to be impressive in IIHF tournaments.

Connor was the MVP of the 2023 World Junior Championships after he posted 23 points. Bedard is second in goals in this year's tournament. He is doing with the flair and flash that has made him beloved during his rookie season.

The next step is for him to continue to rack up goals and assists on Canada's way toward winning the tournament. Well, maybe finishing second to USA. Hey, we root for an American team.

Hopefully, this is just another step toward Bedard having greater success.

Bedard needs to now help the Hawks get into the playoffs to further cement his greatness. He has been a great draw at the gate and must-see TV. The next step after the Hockey World Championships is to continue to work on his game to elevate this team to the next level. Well, he should take a few days off, the guy has been on a whirlwind of hockey activities since last year's hockey draft.

However, the Blackhawks need to do their part in putting talent around him that will improve the offense. For the most part, Bedard was the offense with the help of Jason Dickinson and Philipp Kurashev.

You do not get to the playoffs with a bunch of try-hard players skating on the second and third line. Hey, you need effort guys, but they skate on the fourth line.

The Blackhawks want to raise the standards, but they also need to raise the talent level. Bedard also will need to kick up his game just like he is playing in this tournament.